The Monarch of the Glen

The Monarch of the Glen is the largest painting that I have ever painted – as far as I know the canvas that I used was A0 thats a massive 33.1 x 46.8 inches! It was a commision for Carol and Carl who run the Museum Cafe at the old Victorian Railway Station in Strathpeffer, and I painted it in acrylic after the original by Edward Landseer in 1851. Not a lot of people realise that the Red Deer stag that features in Landseer’s original painting is in fact misnamed and is not a ‘monarch’ at all, but a ‘royal’. That’s because there are only twelve points (or tines) to his antlers, a ‘monarch’ is classed as having sixteen. If you want to see the painting in all its glory, why not pay a visit to the Museum Cafe in Strathpeffer and take a look while you’re having a cup of tea!

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